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Seasons Greetings from SudsRUs

 Holiday Greetings from Suzy Suds your SudsRUs Laundry representative.  SudsRUs hopes you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead.  There have been many changes at SudsRUs this past year and I will try to bring everyone up to speed.  First, SudsRUs has grown!  We added a new laundry a year ago this month.  The location is in Sylacauga AL.  Watch for an update to our website ( for information to all our locations. 

For our regular customers it is already known we offer Loyalty cards plus the use of credit or debit cards in our Clanton, Montevallo, Jemison, Calera, Alabaster and North Childersburg locations. With Loyalty cards the more you purchase the more you save.  If you put $100 on a Loyalty card you get an added $25 and the cards are refillable and never expire.  That’s a real bargain!  The kiosks are in each listed store and have easy instructions printed in English and Spanish or you can consult your friendly attendant for assistance.

Laundry Love is a ministry SudsRUs has been a part of for many years at the Clanton location.  For a specific time every three months customers can come in and wash and dry for free.  This service is now offered at our Jemison, Alabaster, and Ashland laundries.  The dates and times will be posted on this blog and advertised on Social Media sites.  We hope everyone will take advantage of this community service in cooperation with local churches and civic groups. 

On a personal note SudsRUs had its first annual Christmas gathering a few weeks ago.  We are proud that our employees are more like family to us and we had a great time celebrating the Christmas season away from work.  Attached are some of the pictures taken that day. 

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned for more information about SudsRUs and the changes we are making to make your laundry experience better!


Suzy Suds

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