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Better late than never

I am aware I have skipped Fall and most of Winter but I'm back! Welcome to 2018. We are anticipating good things to happen this year at Suds-R-Us. First of all we have new stores and new faces. Last spring we bought the Choctaw Laundry in Centerville store and this past October we cut the ribbon on the new site of our brand new from the ground up Jemison Store located at 144 Al Hwy 191 Jemison AL. Lastly, the first week of December we took ownership of an existing laundry in Ashland AL. So many exciting changes. We are also updating our web site to reflect the changes and keep you up to date. If you have questions, comments or suggestions please click on the "comments" tab and let us hear from you. Until next time..


Suzy Suds

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