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Summertime and the Washing is Easy..with apologies to George Gershwin...

Hello and happy summer from Suzy! I have been up to my ears in work and I admit I have been remiss in blogging…and I apologize. Last month Mr. Suds and I traveled to Las Vegas for the CLEAN convention, a gathering of like minded folks with the common interest in clothing care. It was a huge affair and it took us two whole days just to get through the exhibits. We attended some seminars and met some great people and hope to pass the information along by improving our facilities.

Also last month we started on our new location for the Jemison laundry. It is located around from the old laundry and just over the RR tracks on Hwy 191. Go by and see the progress. We will announce the open house as soon as we set a date.

The end of last month we traveled to Guatemala for a week of missions to the less fortunate people of Guatemala City. We hope we left the people there with a little more hope and felt the love we poured on them. We left with a renewed sense of commitment to help everyone less blessed than we are.

That is about all for now. Be sure and remember to stay safe if you travel and if you arrive home to tired to do the laundry let the friendly attendants at Suds-R-Us take care of it for you!


Suzy Suds

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