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Laundry Love at Suds-R-Us

Suds-R Us is committed to serving the community in every way possible and we try to sponsor a Laundry Love event at every one of our laundries.  Laundry Love is a 3-4 hour period of time that allows community members to bring in laundry and wash and dry it for no charge whatsoever.  We prefer to have a church or community action group work with us at these events and so far we are regularly having Laundry Loves at 5 of our laundry locations.  They are offered approximately every 3 months and Suzy Suds will try to post those dates and times on this blog before the event and where it will take place. Pictured is one of our recent events.  Come out and wash and dry for free and get to know some members of your community.  If you would like to help sponsor an event at one of our laundries just call the customer service number listed on this website.   There is absolutely no cost to you or your organization...Suds-R-Us furnishes all the laundry products and cost of the event.  Just show up and help your neighbors. 


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