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Happy Fall Y'all!

Part of owning your own business is that you get to really be a part of community and Suds-R-us has always strived to help our local businesses and be part of the family. Most of our laundries are in small towns and in those towns there exists a camaraderie that you can find no where else. This month in Clanton the Chamber of Commerce decided to celebrate "Crow Days". Each business could design and craft a scarecrow and display it in the center of town. Suds-R-Us put it's collective heads together and decided a laundry scarecrow would be perfect. What you see in the picture is the result of our labors. A full scale model of "Suzy Suds" busy at the wash tub scrubbing a Suds-R-Us T shirt.

We also offered a contest to take a selfie with her and submit it to our Suds-R-Us Facebook page. The most creative selfie will win a $50 money card from Suds-R-Us. Not a bad deal! So if you are anywhere close by come by and see the creative scarecrows in Clanton AL and say hi to Suzy..she's getting lonely standing there on the corner of 2nd Ave and 7th St.


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