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Suds-R-Us has some exciting changes:

Suzy Suds here, back to update all our wonderful customers about some changes to our stores. First of all we suffered some damage to our Calera Store (8170 Hwy 31, Calera) store front during a recent wind storm. The damage is only cosmetic (see picture below) the store is completely functional and just waiting for you to stop by.

More exciting news is we have installed credit/debit card readers in some of our stores (Clanton, Alabaster, Jemison, and Montevallo). A small card reader on each machine will take a credit/debit card for payment. In addition there is a machine in each store that can exchange cash or credit card for a Suds-R-Us store card that looks like a credit card. You can load any amount of money on the card and use it like a credit/debit card for in store use. We have added an incentive for the amount you load on the card. For instance if you load $10 on the card you receive $11, $20 you receive $22 and for $50 you get $60 and for $100 you get $125. The cards never expire and if you take a picture of the numbers on your card and happen to lose or damage your card we can pull it up and generate another with your balance. It’s actually better than cash that you could lose. Come by today and check us out!

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