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"These Times They Are A Changing" (with apologies to Bob Dylan)

I am a bit overdue in blogging but there is good news about Suds-R-Us that has had us hopping and needs to be shared. We have recently acquired a new laundry located in Centreville, AL. The new facility will show up on our web site as soon as we finish the renovations. For now it is open but just needs a coat of paint and a few other items of decor. It is located on 30 Belcher St in Centreville and Erica is the attendant from 8-12, Thursday through Monday. Stop in and meet her. Another bit of news is we have sold our Jemison laundry building to the Bank of Marion so they can build on the property. We just purchased a building around the corner and over the railroad track that used to be the Serendipity Shop. We are doing quite a large renovation to that building and it will not even look the same when we are finished. Look for the grand opening sometime in late summer or early fall. In the meantime Suds-R-Us Jemison will stay open. And lastly, Mr. Suds and I will be traveling to Las Vegas the first week of June to attend the "CLEAN" convention, a meeting of laundry and clothing care folks. We hope to bring back innovative ideas to constantly improve our businesses and make doing laundry more than just a chore. Let's welcome spring/summer together by bringing in and washing those comforters, bedspreads, and other large items to get ready for the new season.



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